107 GROUP MANAGEMENT REPORT COMPANY ON THE MOVE REPORT OF THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS REPORTING PURSUANT TO SECTION 315 (2) NO. 5 OF THE GER- MAN COMMERCIAL CODE (HGB) 6 REPORTING PURSUANT TO SECTION 315 (2) NO. 5 OF THE GERMAN COMMERCIAL CODE (HANDELSGESETZBUCH, HGB) ON INTERNAL CONTROL AND RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PERTAINING TO THE ACCOUNTING PROCESS Within the RHÖN-KLINIKUM Group the accounting-related internal control system is made up of the internal control and the internal monitoring system that ensures prepara- tion of the annual financial statements for the Group of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG and RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG itself and its subsidiaries. As a component of the internal control sys- tem, the risk management system, with reference to ac- counting, is also concerned with the risk of misstatements in accounting as well as in external reporting. The accounting-related internal control system within our Group embraces all principles, processes and measures to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of ac- counting as well as compliance with the relevant legal regulations. The Group's accounting process is organised in such a way that for each of the subsidiaries on each reporting date ­ i.e. monthly, quarterly and annually ­ a financial statement according to the HGB is prepared in the Group's own data centres based on a uniform Group-wide accounting guideline and a uniform Group-wide account- ing programme. From these financial statements, a con- solidated financial statement is derived for each quarter in accordance with International Financial Reporting Stand- ards (IFRS). The data for the financial statements of the subsidiaries are aggregated to form one consolidated fi- nancial statement using certified consolidation software after capital consolidation and a consolidation of expens- es and earnings, receivables and liabilities as well as an elimination of any intercompany profits. IFRS-relevant re- valuations and/or reclassifications are performed at the Group level according to uniform accounting and valua- tion methods. After the end of the respective reporting date, the finan- cial statements are reported promptly to the Group Ac- counting department and then prepared and published. The financial statements are analysed, subjected to a plausibility test and evaluated together with the Control- ling department and in certain cases also with the Inter- nal Auditing department. Both for the preparation of the separate financial state- ments according to HGB and for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements according to the valid IFRS, comprehensive accounting requirements and guide- lines whose compliance is stringently monitored are ob- served to ensure uniform accounting. Responsibilities for the preparation of the annual financial statements are clearly defined both for the individual companies and within the Group. The controls applied in this context, which depending on the specific case may be preventive or downstream, manual or automated, give due regard to the principles of segregation of functions. The quarterly financial statements, the half-year financial statements and the annual financial statements are sub- mitted for review to the Audit Committee of the Supervi- sory Board. The findings of the Audit Committee are doc- umented. Moreover, the Audit Committee also regularly engages the statutory auditor to conduct an accounting- related in-depth audit. If the examinations by the Audit Committee and of the statutory auditor call for improve- ments in the Group accounting process, these are imple- mented without delay. Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, 20 March 2014 The Board of Management Martin Menger Jens-Peter Neumann Dr. Dr. Martin Siebert
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