100 2.3.5 Investments Aggregate investments of 177.4 million (previous year: 326.4 million) in financial year 2013 are shown in the fol- lowing table: Use of grants Use of own funds Total m m m Current capital expenditure 58.6 118.3 176.9 Takeovers 0.0 0.5 0.5 Total 58.6 118.8 177.4 In financial year 2013, we invested a total of 177.4 million (previous year: 326.4 million) in intangible assets, in prop- erty, plant and equipment as well as in investment proper- ty. Of this total, 58.6 million (previous year: 52.9 million) relates to grants under the Hospital Financing Act (KHG) reflected as a deduction from acquisition cost. In the consolidated financial statements we report net investments of 118.8 million (previous year: 273.5 mil- lion). Assets and specialist doctor's practices acquired on takeovers accounted for 0.5 million (previous year: 148.8 million) and current capital expenditure for 118.3 million (previous year: 124.7 million) of total net invest- ments during the year under review. Investments in connection with takeovers are attributable to the acquisition of doctor's practices ( 0.5 million, pre- vious year: 9.6 million) and to assets acquired on new acquisitions and takeovers ( 0.0 million, previous year: 139.2 million). An analysis of investments in financial year 2013 by region is given below: m Bavaria 45.8 Baden-Wuerttemberg 14.6 Brandenburg 3.8 Hesse 35.4 Mecklenburg-West Pomerania 0.1 Lower Saxony 23.1 North Rhine-Westphalia 23.9 Saxony 9.2 Saxony-Anhalt 7.2 Thuringia 14.3 Total investment 177.4 Deduct: grants under KHG 58.6 Net investment 118.8 Under company purchase agreements entered into, we still have outstanding investment obligations of 137.6 million until 2022 that we will invest in future extensions and modernisation measures. These obliga- tions for the most part relate to new hospital buildings or refurbishments of existing hospital buildings, as well as investments in medical technology, which are slated to come on stream in 2022. Upon consummation of the sale of our hospitals, MVZs and other interests as well as after all conditions of validity for the transaction are met, these obligations will be transferred to Helios Kliniken GmbH and affiliated companies. 2.3.6 Employees On 31 December 2013, the Group employed 43,363 per- sons (31 December 2012: 43,059): Number As at 31 December 2012 43,059 Change in employees at hospital companies 271 Change in employees at MVZ subsidiaries ­6 Change in employees at service companies 39 As at 31 December 2013 43,363 This increase by 304 versus the reporting date of 31 De- cember 2012 is attributable, among other things, to 271 staffing increases at our long-standing facilities. Doctors accounted for 14.8% (previous year: 14.6%) of the total headcount on the reporting date, while nursing and medical-technical staff accounted for 56.6% (previous year: 56.3%). On average over the year, we recorded a rise of 2.8% in full-time staff. As in the previous year, the share of women remains at around 75%. 3 REPORT ON EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE On 13 September 2013, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, Helios Klini- ken GmbH and Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA signed a share purchase agreement for the sale of a portfolio of 43 facili- ties, medical care centres (MVZs) and other affiliated inter- ests. Following the transaction, the Group will have com- bined revenues of some 1 billion, roughly 5,300 beds and 15,000 employees. Approval was granted by the Ger- man Cartel Office in February 2014 for the sale of 40 hos- pitals, MVZs and other affiliated interests. After all condi- tions of validity have been met, effective control over the
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