UNIVERSITÄTS KLINIKUM GIESSEN UND MARBURG UKGM fter the university hospitals in Gießen and Mar- burg had become too expensive for the Federal State of Hesse, it merged them in with a view to privatising them the following year in ­ RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG took over the majority interest in the combined Gießen- Marburg University Hospital (UKGM), Germany's third-larg- est university hospital. Since then the Company has in- vested million euros in modernising the two sites. The structure is not that easy. Teaching and research ac- tivities continue to be managed by the faculties of medi- cine of the two universities owned by the Federal State. Only the merged and privatised care component is man- aged under the aegis of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG. The hospi- tals have since grown increasingly closer through the or- ganised use of synergies ­ for example in the joint laboratory ­ as well as through the co-operation of spe- cialist researchers. The hospital of course also has its own pronounced areas of focus. In Gießen this includes the heart-lung system and reproductive medicine. In Marburg oncology comes to the fore, prominently represented by the Carreras Leu- kemia Center. Numerous special research projects on highly specialised subjects also show that UKGM is one of the top-league players in the field of university medical research. A 76
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