50 MEDICAL DEVELOPMENT ­ QUALITY ­ INTEGRATION The demands and challenges facing medical care are increasing all the time. The growing number of new diseases, rising life expectancy and the fact that people are generally less willing to accept disease: all are bringing pressure to bear on the players within the healthcare system. As doctors and pharmacologists do their best to keep pace, innovation is happening at all levels of healthcare. Innovation in medicine ­ that not only means new achievements in medical technology, pharmaceuticals or new medical processes. At least in equal measure, it also encompasses new concepts such as the comprehensive approach to and treatment of patients, or interdisciplinary ongoing development of therapeutic methods. In clinical practice, this is increasingly resulting in processes charac- terised by interdisciplinary division of labour. That calls for co-operation with interaction of the entire healthcare de- livery system made up of outpatient doctors, medical care centres (MVZs) and inpatient care, i.e. not only within the hospital itself. It is in this team context that RHÖN- KLINIKUM AG sees itself as an integrative provider of healthcare services. The aim is to integrate healthcare de- livery to patients based on their needs, and to make it interdisciplinary, proactive and innovative. For us, working integratively means overcoming the tradi- tional boundaries between outpatient and inpatient care. We want to work increasingly on an integrated basis ­ all medical players, whether hospital or community-based doctors, therapists or nursing organisations, are to do their utmost to promote the health of our patients in pal- liative care, for example. We offer our doctors the possi- bility of working at an outpatient facility and at the same time in the inpatient area. That satisfies the frequently expressed desire for flexible working conditions and cre- ates the basis for them to independently cover a broad range within their own discipline. Our integrated care provides patients with a structured, integrated treatment offering them fast, reliable diagnosis and a means of ac- cess to healing and a cure for their diseases.
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