46 For many years already, we have set great store by further honing the structured qualification and development of our employees as well as exchanging knowledge and forging ahead with networking and integration. Here the main focus is on creating interfacility enablement pro- grammes as well as optimising Group-wide access to spe- cialist knowledge. QUALIFICATION OF DOCTORS Qualification and motivation of our doctors are vital to the success of our hospitals. This is also the guiding no- tion of our recruiting efforts. We systematically unlock the expertise lying within our network for the benefit of our young doctors. Having a dialogue with patients is increas- ingly proving to be key to their successful treatment. Special medical qualification is helped by the fact that all sites of our hospital network offer their doctors the op- portunity of completing a course of higher-qualification training as specialists. Our doctors also have extensive possibilities when it comes to obtaining supplementary qualifications as well as qualifications in specific areas of focus. The greatest opportunities are provided by our uni- versity hospitals in Gießen and Marburg as well as our maximum-care hospitals, for example Klinikum Frankfurt EMPLOYEES: QUALIFICATION AND HR DEVELOPMENT Having qualified and dedicated employees is a key to a company's success. Nowhere does that ring more true than in hospitals. That is because in this area success is not merely expressed in numbers and figures, but above all in the convalescence and well-being of patients. Providing them with the best treatment possible is our overriding objective.
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